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10 mars 2005 4 10 /03 /mars /2005 00:00

1st Lively festival !
3 days in november 2001 – France – Finistère – Brignogan – Centre des Chardons Bleus
200 people came over, visited the painting exhibition and biological
products fair, participated in workshops, lectures, evening

Delegates were first introduced to the themes of ecology, symbolism,
sustainability, with a speech of Pierre Duchesne on « the tradition of Samain, the celtic festival » which gave a flavour of the holistic approach of the conference and the fresh, nourishing ideas to be shared there.

Throughout the week-end, speakers, especially Jean-Claude Pierre,
founder of Nature and Culture network (120 non governemental organisations in Brittany), and participants voiced their concern about the preservation of nature, the quality of food, the water supplies…

There were 20 workshops to choose out of, from relaxation to painting
mandalas. They introduced different ways to experience creativity and imagination in daily life.
On Friday and Saturday night, local artists gave a pratical demonstration of how the ancient art of storytelling stimulates our
curiosity and open our hearts to other cultural ways of being. It help
us to respect historical knowledge, ancient wisdom and the delicate balance between nature and culture.
At the last round table plenary session, local, farmers, managers, and non governemental organisations and political representatives, got together and gave their support to their respective actions for a more sustainable, just, humane, happy
and meaningful society.

The Chardons Bleus center situated on the beach helps forging a deep
connection with the environment and the « legend coast » of North Finistère. It provides both teachning space (3 classrooms and a conference hall) and accomodation for
course participants (100 people). Organic meals served in the on-site
restaurant, facing the sea, by an alternative caterer, were intense moments of sharing ideas.

The conference was a great success on many levels : a pause in our
speedy lifes, an opportunity to share experiences and create contacts, a local event out of the touristic period, a link between the coast and other parts of Brittany and France, a
first challenging experience for our organisation, sponsored by
Marielle Anne Richard, the president and by the « Communauté de Communes du pays de Lesneven et de la Côte des Légendes », territorial organisation.

Nov 2002 – Brest – at the registered office of « Fête du vivant »
organisation – Annual general meeting and visit of the Botanic
garden – 50 people came for the itinerant theater festival, a one man
show with Bruno Vivancos playing « What a blessing ! ».

2nd Lively festival in Nov 2003 – Brignogan – Chardons Bleus Center –
2 days – 100 visitors – 12 workshops – mandalas exhibition – 15 stands

Jean-Claude Pierre, founder of a local network composed of 120 non
governemental organisations involved in sustainable development, gave his endorsement to the event an delivered the closing speech, an incentive to change our consuming habits, to support and encourage local production, to work with non
profit organisations and contribute to a more sustainable local environment.

At night, André Pochon, a well-known militant for sustainable agriculture in Brittany, charmed us with his stories and fairy-tales.
This time, we had no support from the local authorities and we auto-finance it. A big challenge…

January 2004 : launching of « Faites du Vivant », « Do it lively ! »

With a program of activities to support the local culture and
tradition, and contribute to a communal brainstorming of the
potential guidelines for good pratice in terms of agriculture, ways of
consuming, health and art of living, eco-habitat…. Pays de Morlaix - Plounéour-menez - In september , Pierre Duchesne and François Bouget gave a lecture on the local
patrimony and symbolism of the linen work, a prosperous 18th century
economic activity in the area. We organised an excursion to visit the local production sites of linen thread.

November 2004 – Pays de Morlaix - Plounéour-Menez at the new registered
office of « Fête du vivant » organisation – Annual general meeting and visits. First we visited the park of an ancient manor, renovated to become a seminar center by a breton
couple who live partly in London and Paris and who wants to participate
to the local development. Then we visited a small farm where a family lives with the products (milk and cheese, meat) of 20 cows. And we ended with a carpenter company who
works only with woods treated with organic products..

September 2005 : Marc Vella piano concertist come to Plouescat (near
Brignogan) for a concert and a workshop on how to learn playing piano without effort. Marc Vella is a very creative artist who plays only his own creations and who travels with his piano around the world, even in the desert, his way to be close to
people and consider the earth as one world.

November 2005 : we are looking for sponsors to help us choosing the
theme of this third event on the north coast of Finistère and organising the third gathering in Brignogan in the magical place of
Chardons Bleus beach.
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